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download azure diagnostic logs?


Does anyone know how to download the Azure diagnostic logs? From the control panel, it shows me an ftp link for the logs, but when I click it it prompts me for a username/password. Any username/password I try just results in a “530 User Cannot Login” error.

It looks like the same address that Vis Studio does it’s publishing to, and that had a ‘$’ before my username. I tried that as well, but no-go.

Just curious how to get the logs when you start having errors pop up in the application, or is there something else I should be doing to prepare my app for going on Azure?

Thanks, Mike



You would need to use FTP client application to access to files instead of using the Webpage as it is designed to use a client app to display the files.

I have configured FileZilla as below to access my Windows Azure websites to access Diagnostics Logs as well as use the same client application to upload/download site specific files:

enter image description here

In my blog Windows Azure Website: Uploading/Downloading files over FTP and collecting Diagnostics logs, I have described all the steps


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