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Making a USB Bootable System


Making System Rescue CD bootable from a USB thumb drive is a convenient way to carry the Linux distribution.  The benefit of the USB drive is that it won’t get scratched, the downside is that not all systems can boot from a USB device, I problem I ran into recently.

There are several utilities to create bootable USB drives, but there is a utility specifically for System Rescue CD that makes the process simple and quick.  First download the System Rescue CD ISO image and the System Rescue CD USB installer for Windows from the System Rescue CD web site.  Then connect a USB drive, a minimum 512MB drive is needed, to your system.

Start the System Rescue CD USB installer and select the location of the downloaded System Rescue CD ISO image and USB drive letter (Figure 1).  Note that I used a freshly formatted USB drive with a label indicating the version of System Rescue CD.

Figure 1 – Installing to USB

To avoid the delay of selecting the keyboard type, check the Customize boot options check box and select the keyboard mapping from the drop down box.  Optionally select the Display settings to boot directly into the GUI instead of command line mode.  Click the Install button to begin the installation.

The progress of the installation will display in the text box at the bottom of the application (Figure 2) and will indicate when the process is complete.

Figure 2 – Completion of install

The USB drive is now bootable and ready for use in rescuing a failed system.





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